Burglars Through Facebook

  • Here is something everyone should be aware of. A burglar can access your home just by going over your Facebook account. There are so many dangers that is connected to the internet but one current favorite trick of these criminals is to scan through social media sites such as Facebook, go over status updates to determine easy targets. A lot of people share a lot of information online and if a person posts an status saying he/she is out of the house, then it’s game on for these burglars. A study conducted in Perth at the Edin Cowan University revealed that it is easier now, more than ever to access personal social media accounts. On an average, a burglar can break into a home in less than 15 minutes. They can walk out the door without being noticed taking away up to $5000 worth of things. People should be aware of the dangers that come with social media. There should be limitations as to what can be shared online. Personal information such as home/office address, phone numbers, names of family members should be kept private at all times to avoid any kind of trouble.

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