• There are so many addictive websites that a person can waste their time on but only a few actually stands out. would be one of them. This website, though seemingly nonsensical, can surprisingly be profound. Aptly described, brotip is like fortune cookies for bros.  Like many bro adventures, this all started because of a girl. One guy failing to score big with a lady, guy ranting about it online and one Dominique Barfield calling him out and saying “Brotip #1: There’s a 99% chance that you’re awesome. Act like it.” After some hours, the line was repeated all over social media sites. That’s when they realized there’s something special there – so the team of bros were made and a website was formed. It’s now filled with clever life advice for modern men. (Ladies, you all can learn tips here too)

    Brotips is now more than just a website and fan page on Facebook and Twitter. It has signed up with International Creative Management, which will be giving them possible book and TV deals. Bro-tip on a shirt is also happening, cause you definitely want to remind yourself of your awesome potential in a form of an apparel!

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