There are so many addictive websites that a person can waste their time on but only a few actually stands out. would be one of them. This website, though seemingly nonsensical, can surprisingly be profound. Aptly described, brotip is like fortune cookies for bros.  Like many bro adventures, this all started because of a girl. One guy failing to score big with a lady, guy ranting about it online and one Dominique Barfield calling him out and saying “Brotip #1: There’s a 99% chance that you’re awesome. Act like it.” After some hours, the line was repeated all over social media sites. That’s when they realized there’s something special there – so the team of bros were made and a website was formed. It’s now filled with clever life advice for modern men. (Ladies, you all can learn tips here too)

Brotips is now more than just a website and fan page on Facebook and Twitter. It has signed up with International Creative Management, which will be giving them possible book and TV deals. Bro-tip on a shirt is also happening, cause you definitely want to remind yourself of your awesome potential in a form of an apparel!

Things you Can do on the Internet

If you happen to be new on the Internet then you have just made a wise choice. The Internet provides a wide array of possibilities such as gathering advanced information, meeting new people, enhancing communication with anyone from anywhere and also making money with all the right resources.

Much of these will be learned along your journey in cyberspace and to implant them all on your very first day may prove to be tiring. Take it one step at a time and read on the web and see what you can do. A simple search using search giants Google and Yahoo will definitely put you on the right track.

Even the Site Administrators Need to Have Purpose

As far as web development is concerned, you have to determine and set your purpose for putting up your own site to administer. One of the greatest advancements in the technology was made when the concept of internet came into being.

With the advent of internet almost everything in this world changed. Further internet has brought several changes in the way people carry out their business. Internet has changed almost everything. It changed the way people used their computers and it has become so widespread that it is present in almost each and every home. Internet facilitated the human race with lot of things.

California DMV on YouTube


The California Department of Motor Vehicles has its own YouTube account. As of today, it has already uploaded 55 videos that feature tips, traffic trivia, and other advices that will help educate drivers of all ages about good (and not to mention legal) driving skills and etiquette.

And by the way, they also have a myspace account where visitors can post questions regarding traffic rules and stuff.

Hmm… not a bad idea! I think this is a pretty unconventional yet promising way to improve public service. To tell you the truth, I’d rather watch DMV videos than a toilet-flushing cat.

Source: The New York Times

The Wonder of Search Engines


There are billions of web pages online today, you could spend your whole life following links from one page to the next. Amazing isn’t it? But what if you’re looking for something?
Searching the Internet requires skill, and you will need to practice that first hand. Hands-on. Luckily, many developers v created online resources that could aid us in finding that rare book or article or plainly evreything you might think of. Search engines helps us in hunting and searching. These are super computers and are a very efficient tool for searching. But to be able to maximize their capabuilities, you have to understand how and why they work the way they do. The most basic thing you have to know is that they are broken down into two types. The Directories and Indexes.

Internet Dating: Pathetic or Helpful?

As far as meeting people on the web is concerned, Internet dating provides the same dating service we often see in today’s modern world. Fixed hook-ups are rampant on the web as more people are trying to find other people of different races for their potential partners in life.

But the question is, is it pathetic or commendable? Some people see it as a low way to get hooked today but others look at it as something good for people who find themselves hopelessly looking for a mate. Whichever the case may be, it all depends on the people who sign up with these sites. It is really their call.

Kids Nowadays


Our lives right now is evolving with the technology because internet is available elsewhere. It has been proven that kids nowadays are addicted in using the “web” not only for research purposes but also for recreational activities. Gone are the days wherein you see kids playing outside the house. With their early exposure to new advancements, they become content in using the computer as their playmate. On the other side, since social activities become poor, this has a longer effect to their skills. It is why it is advisable to let the kids interact with other kids of their age and limit interaction with the computer.

Comcast launches faster Internet plans, but usage cap remains

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Comcast has announce two new layers of service for the residential internet connection. It is targeted for heavy downloaders, it will upgrade internet connection speed. The two plans are called Extreme and Ultra. The Extreme plan clocks in at 50 downstream and 10 Mbps of upstream while the Ultra clocks in at 22 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream. These are extremely fast connections. And has turned on much of its subscriber. But all these come with a high cost. The speed bumps are being rolled out to 10 markets up till next year. These newest plans from Comcast roughly will cost you around $1700 annually. Three times more expensive than the regular rates they offer. They are also offering a business plan called ‘Premium’ which clocks in at 22 Mbps down and 5 Mbps upstream which costs roughly $100. Not bad for the speed.

Internet Recession………..Naaah!!

internet2With most of the world hit by an economic recession, no other place offers refuge than the internet from the depressing effects of the global downturn. Go on exotic places without having to spend too much like the many travel sites. Travelogger, Ceylon Luxury and Frodee from Splashpress network showcases the combination of one of the social internet’s best combination, blogging and traveling.
Get in the know with the latest gadgets and gizmos with Geeksblog and Engadget. Need to know the latest gossip from Manhattan, then the Gawker network can cater to your needs. Fashionista’s and the Fashion blog are also there for those who need to know the latest fashion and even get the best prices on some of the best goods ever made by man, in a fashion sense. More of the video type, try YouTube for that fix of video mayhem.
Life will never be the same without the internet, it’s fast, informative and cheap, so what are you waiting for, grab your computer and get down to exploring HowStuffWorks, where everything is explained. (more…)

Content to be Profitable

Websites today do not mainly bank on images and scripts. It is all about what your site contains. To understand what your site is all about, you need to narrate and explain what its purpose is and what people can expect in it.

Putting up websites are not guessing games. People land there for a reason. They are normally the inputs for search queries on the web to which you will be putting in a number of words that fit your site. If these words are fitting, you can expect a lot of hits from various origins.