Looney Tunes Costume: Random Internet Trend


What kid on the planet doesn’t like watching the Looney Tunes cartoon characters? Who would not love the fun and crazy Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tazmanian Devil and the famous and ever lovable Tweety Bird to name a few?  From TV shows to coloring books, to video games, to comic books, to garments and baby clothes, this Warner Brothers franchise has indeed reached a feverish pitch when it comes to global domination.

The mania continues up to this day, its popularity ever increasing, especially during the Holidays or kids’ parties. Looney Tunes costumes usually sell like hotcakes during trick or treat season. Sure, your kid would love to have a Daffy Duck stuff toy for a Christmas gift or take home a Marvin the Martian gift box. But why not make it a more enjoyable experience for both you and your child? Getting into some Looney Tunes costumes will not only excite your child, it will surely paint a smile on your face too.  These adorable Looney Tunes costumes will uniquely transform your child into their famous cartoon favorites and will look make them look adorable in their costume plays, recitals, pageants or the now famous themed kids’ parties.

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Safety Lessons on the Web

To most people, the Internet is simple a wide area of space given by technology which can do no harm. Wrong! It can also be a disastrous way of losing your earnings and sanity. You just have to be aware of the scams going on in the web.

Meeting people on the Internet is fine. But the thing is, you have to be wise when dealing with them. Internet strangers should be treated in the same way that we do to people in real life. Refrain from being too close and divulging personal information temporarily. Give it time and then re-evaluate if you can really trust your cyber mate.

(Source) Boston Globe

Technology and Speeders: Radar Detectors


Technology is getting superb even on the road. Now, motorists can use an electronic device to detect if the streets law enforcers are monitoring their speed.

The radar detectors such as Doppler radar-based device can help the drivers check if they were about to get ticketed for over speeding or not. These radar detectors uses superheterodyne receiver to easily capture the electromagnetic emission produced by the gun.

The law enforcers on the other hand use a special Doppler radar gun that is beamed on motorist, which then reflects their speed. These can be fixed on the patrol car or mounted on the traffic signal, or can be handy as a radar gun.

Today, GPS-based technology is embedded in some radar detectors. Some GPS enable detectors may even download the speed monitoring and traffic light cameras from the internet.

However, in some countries having a radar detector or jammer is considered illegal as the driver who owns a detector has a higher risk of road accidents. Certain illegalities may lead to confiscation of the radar detector or payment of fines, or both.

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Reunited Through Internet

Internet has once again proven that it is a very powerful tool because just recently,  adopted twins that were separated when they were given up for adoption found each other online. There’s no proof that they are twins but the two are identical that it is almost impossible that they aren’t.

The story started when French student Anais Bordier found Youtube videos of Samantha Futerman, an aspiring actress. She did a lot of research until she found out from Facebook that Futerman was also born the same date as her and in the same town. The two are convinced that they are if not twins, related to each other and so they raised money, with the help of the internet so that they can take a DNA test.

They are also making a project of the first time they will meet each other face to face. It will be a film documentary and they have been given support by a lot of people.


There are so many addictive websites that a person can waste their time on but only a few actually stands out. Brotips.com would be one of them. This website, though seemingly nonsensical, can surprisingly be profound. Aptly described, brotip is like fortune cookies for bros.  Like many bro adventures, this all started because of a girl. One guy failing to score big with a lady, guy ranting about it online and one Dominique Barfield calling him out and saying “Brotip #1: There’s a 99% chance that you’re awesome. Act like it.” After some hours, the line was repeated all over social media sites. That’s when they realized there’s something special there – so the team of bros were made and a website was formed. It’s now filled with clever life advice for modern men. (Ladies, you all can learn tips here too)

Brotips is now more than just a website and fan page on Facebook and Twitter. It has signed up with International Creative Management, which will be giving them possible book and TV deals. Bro-tip on a shirt is also happening, cause you definitely want to remind yourself of your awesome potential in a form of an apparel!

Burglars Through Facebook

Here is something everyone should be aware of. A burglar can access your home just by going over your Facebook account. There are so many dangers that is connected to the internet but one current favorite trick of these criminals is to scan through social media sites such as Facebook, go over status updates to determine easy targets. A lot of people share a lot of information online and if a person posts an status saying he/she is out of the house, then it’s game on for these burglars. A study conducted in Perth at the Edin Cowan University revealed that it is easier now, more than ever to access personal social media accounts. On an average, a burglar can break into a home in less than 15 minutes. They can walk out the door without being noticed taking away up to $5000 worth of things. People should be aware of the dangers that come with social media. There should be limitations as to what can be shared online. Personal information such as home/office address, phone numbers, names of family members should be kept private at all times to avoid any kind of trouble.

Rules When Drunk


Internet is such a great form of entertainment. A person can easily get lost in cyber space for hours on end. But as entertaining as it is for you, it could also be embarrassing. There would be at least one time in your life when you will sit in front of your computer at 4 in the morning completely intoxicated. If you ever find yourself in this situation, try your hardest to turn that computer off. Trade the internet to your comfortable bed before you do the following things: (WHICH YOU SHOULDN’T)

Top 5 things you should NOT do on the internet when drunk:

1. Online Shopping: It is likely that you will find something completely useless in Amazon and think that a talking teddy bear is totally necessary – it’s not. You would have wasted a good 50 bucks.

2. Email an ex- It’s the same as drunk texting, but you have unlimited amount of words to say. Believe me, you will regret this in the morning.

3. Make “I am sooooo drunk” as a status message on Facebook- This will be evident enough the next day when your photos get tagged.

4. Answer work related emails – This is the stupidest thing you can do because let’s face it, at 4am you do not know what you’re talking about.

5. Change your password- “Mcdonaldshappymeal” seems super funny now but tomorrow you won’t remember it.

Newspaper giants team-up


Four of the top newspaper companies in the country have teamed-up and invested in ad network, quadrantONE. The New York Times Company, Gannett, Hearst Corp. and the Tribune Company will work on offering a more effective and more attractive package for advertisers that target a wider public audience. The four companies will launch a coordinated advertising sales network by pooling together their inventories to offer a more attractive package for advertisers looking to reach a national audience.

SOURCE: Internetnews

Twitter Glitch


On Thursday a technical problem occurred on Twitter that got majority of the members having an internet “drama” moment. The report said that users received a flood of password reset emails raising concerns that an attack on the company had compromised several accounts. The company did not immediately commented on the issue but they did post a statement on its status blog. “We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused” No major harm was done and everything was taken care of after.

Twitter is a famous online social networking site that began in 2006. It allows users to post and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets” In 2012, there is atleast 500 million active users around the world, with a record of 340 million tweets a day. It has been dubbed as sms for internet. People can also post photos, videos and links on their account. Famous people use this site like Lady Gaga, Justine Beiber and Ashton Kutcher.

Brain Pickings


The website Brainpickings.org is a non-profit website. It is free of any advertisement and takes 450 + hours per month to curate and edit. It was developed and Maria Popova, writer for Wired UK and GOOD and she is also a freelance brand strategist, social media consultant. This wonder woman describes her website as “is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are” The site features contents varying from psychology, anthropology, art, design, music, technology, philosopy, ecology, etc. It continues to run because of the support of the readers who have the option to donate $10 a month. (can also be a one time donation) They also have a facebook fan site where a total of 88,838 likes from people all over the world. Their site is also linked to twitter so when an article is to your liking, you can share it to your friends on other social media sites.