IE10 Microsoft Trying to get the Browser Market Back

The browser war has been going on for quite some time and Microsoft has had it’s share of wins and loses. This also goes for the rest of the group who have been plagued by bugs that always seem to come out in a game ruled by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Windows operating system is till one of the most used operating systems on the planet and with a majority of computers running it, it comes natural that the rest of the pack can only follow suit with what that specific company is doing.

Seems like a game of cat and mouse with Microsoft always trying to keep the edge. Their latest player, IE10 the latest installment in the so-called browser wars which has been ruled by Firefox in the past few years. Will it be a better browser, time will tell for as with all things on this earth, time is the determining factor for it will tell us if it makes or breaks their efforts to regain their hold on the browser market.

Do You Use Facebook Connect?

With all its privacy concerns, Facebook is still a pretty neat and novel way to connect with your website visitors. If there’s one thing everyone is tired of doing, it’s signing up on another new site to create a new account they’re probably going to forget about and not use in the future. I should know, I’ve stayed away from a lot of sites because I really don’t want to bother with yet another registration process. Who wants to deal with deciding which email address to use, thinking up of a new password, confirming your email address, and navigating through an endless chasm of CAPTCHA? I’m not going to enter a website into an Australia business directory, people, I just want to try out this new URL shortener, why does it have to be so hard?

Online Purchases — Part I


Have you tried purchasing online? Or you would really love to but afraid that your card number might be stolen and hackers would be able to use it? Well, don’t fret about it. There might be still some sites that are scams and bogus, but if this hinders you, it is still always advisable to purchase only on reputable sites. In this way, you would know that your card number is secured. Also, before trying to purchase online, always ask yourself the reason why you want to buy it in the web instead. Don’t you have time to go out and get it for yourself? Or it is much cheaper to purchase online than buying it in the department stores?

Facebook users complain- again


This is the second time that Facebook has made a booboo. Wasn’t it only last year that this particular social utility added a “news feeds” feature which only resulted to threatened protests from many of Facebook’s users. The company apologized, and I think it needs to do that again as there are reports of new complaints regarding a recently launched marketing program that apparently allows users and friends to see their online purchases. Facebook has been making steps to alleviate the situation but personally I think they need to hasten as a lot of users are getting pissed about how they put it as an invasion of their privacy.

Source: Yahoo! Internet News

Are You Ready?


There are still some who are not confident in using the internet. Some may think that since you need to be a “techie” on this field, you have to have other criteria to use the web space. In reality, all you need to control is patience for searching the best answers to your query especially if you are given numerous results. The advancement has certainly affect everyone’s life. It may be for the good or not but whatever it is, we have to be adaptable to changes to keep up with all the information we need to know. And yes, you don’t need to be a “techie” person in order to use the web.

The Need For Anti-Virus


We know for the fact that the Internet has become our daily guide. To keep ourselves from worrying if we have acquired or gotten some viruses whether from the sites that we checked or files that we downloaded, it is best to ensure that we have installed a reliable anti-virus software. True enough, we will be getting our money’s worth over time since it would be more costly for our part if our computer or laptop will be infected with the viruses around. As they say, it is best to be safe from the start and find a prevention rather than it’s too late.

Compliance and Oracle’s Identity Manager


Oracle recently released its latest version of its software, Identity Manager. For those who are new to this, it’s a user provisioning and administration software application that enables companies to update, upgrade, and add or remove user accounts from other applications and directories. Oracle states that the latest version of Identity Manager improves compliance since it provides “granular” reports which identified which users has access to specific data and other pertinent and sensitive information – which has always been a challenge for companies who wish to meet “regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC and PCI.”

SOURCE: Internetnews

Twitter Glitch


On Thursday a technical problem occurred on Twitter that got majority of the members having an internet “drama” moment. The report said that users received a flood of password reset emails raising concerns that an attack on the company had compromised several accounts. The company did not immediately commented on the issue but they did post a statement on its status blog. “We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused” No major harm was done and everything was taken care of after.

Twitter is a famous online social networking site that began in 2006. It allows users to post and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets” In 2012, there is atleast 500 million active users around the world, with a record of 340 million tweets a day. It has been dubbed as sms for internet. People can also post photos, videos and links on their account. Famous people use this site like Lady Gaga, Justine Beiber and Ashton Kutcher.

SMM and SEO: bridging the gap?

The world of search is a complicated and rapidly changing place. It is impossible to settle into a groove if you wish to be successful in a sustainable fashion. As soon as a strategy is working well, the launch of new technology means that the strategy has to be adapted. If a tactic is proving very successful, chances are that the search engines will eventually consider it too manipulative and categorise it as unethical. This means that flexibility is absolutely pivotal in this area. Failure to adapt with sufficient alacrity leads to a site being outperformed by its rivals.

At we are conscious of the need to research and monitor developments in the exciting and dynamic sphere of search. Our tailored social media campaigns pay heed to the unique characteristics of the sites we drive forward, while we always respect the need to change tack in the light of alterations in the external environment.


Internet meltdown?


Is this even possible? According to The Business Roundtable which is an association of CEO�s of established US companies, the threat is �urgent and real.� The breakdown of such critical information infrastructure has a 10 to 20% chance of happening in the next ten years. This can be a result of many incidences. It can be natural such as calamities or even man-made disasters such as malicious codes, code errors, or terrorist attacks.

The group also stated that an Internet meltdown, if it would ever happen, will result in reduced productivity. Profits will fall as well as stock prices. Consumer spending will erode and a liquidity crisis has a big possibility of happening. This was also discussed in �Growing Business Dependence on the Internet � New Risks Require CEO Action� � a Business Roundtable report based on earlier risk analyses done by the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

Source: ComputerWorld