Go and Do A Mouse-click Away

I believe in the power of information technology. I remember a time when my father told me of a story about how he ended up on his first job. He was an above average student with a good character and pleasing personality. Job hunting was never a source of anxiety for him, especially with all referrals about him going to the right people. He ended up with a job in a prestigious government project back in the 70s. However, 20 or so years later, he commented that with his credentials and outstanding character references he could have landed in a prestigious government project…abroad.

It is suffice to say that we are a blessed generation with all the necessary tools to get connected and stay in touch with pretty much any part of the world. The world wide web has exposed conspiracies, built vast business kingdoms, and even won wars. Never has information technology had such a great impact in lives of people and nations as a whole. How I used it in my life, however, is not nearly as dramatic. I consider myself a voyeur of the world as it passes me by. Surfing local and international directories is a past time. Some of my favorite sites to visit are the New Zealand travel and Australia business directory, Europe vacation guide, and Africa safari tours. You can search and connect to thousands of businesses daily. Mailing lists, domain names, and web hosting facilities are also readily available in some of these sites. I never feel a lack of data when the necessity, or “itch”, arrives.

Join Social Networking Sites

Friendster, Multiply and MySpace. They are familiar names in the world of social networking today and if you want to find old friends and meet new ones at that, it would be wise to join one of them today.

All they require is a simple sign up. Remember that in one of my posts, I had advised to sign up for a free email account. This is just one of the many things why you need it. Joining sites and becoming an affiliate has its share of many requirements and an email account is one of these important elements you will need.

HBO available on Internet


Green Bay and Milwaukee Wisconsin are pretty lucky as people there will now be able to avail of HBO on Broadband. HBO subscribers and Time Warner high-speed Internet and roadrunner.com Internet service users will be able to avail of this particular service. About 600 titles and 400 hours of content such as documentaries, movies, and special HBO original series can now be downloaded. There will also be entire sets of HBO series available every month, not to mention trailers upcoming shows.

Hopefully this service courtesy will soon be brought out to other markets and talks with other local cable operators for some expansion.

Source: Market Watch

Will Microsoft Buy Out Yahoo?

Yahoo and Microsoft Deal

As far as this issue between Microsoft and Yahoo is concerned, everyone thought it was a closed deal already when Yahoo rescinded the offer from one of the successful software companies ever known. Apparently, there was a change in plans and Microsoft has given Yahoo 3 weeks to reconsider before it finally closes the books on this deal.

Now a $31 Million dollar offer is indeed a hefty one. But Yahoo isn’t biting it just yet. For other companies, they would have taken this offer by now. Yahoo, being a popular search engine for some time now is on the crossroads. Will they accept?

(Source) RTT News

Online Games Devouring the Kids Today

We have heard of online games becoming an addiction today and while they are only accessible online, most kids devote most of their time glued to their computer and trying to outdo themselves in these offered games online.

If you were a parent and your kids were on vacation, you surely would not mind this. But seriously, it is getting worst in terms of forgetting the real deal of kids as far as their responsibilities are concerned.

Some parents may cut the connection but all you will get is a tactical move on their part to run to their friend’s house or even rent at a nearby café. With these in mind, how can you control the Internet addiction that these kids are going through?

Searching Your Way to Web Success

If you want to make it big on the Internet these days, Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. The technology nowadays has advanced to great heights. With the advent of internet everything in this world changed. Internet actually revolutionized this world with various changes and it helped the human race in many respects.

It has made the life of human race simpler in many respects and people are finding internet as the source for almost anything on this earth. Internet has even become the bread and butter of many people. Many people have earned a lot of money from internet. Also many have made fortunes in this field.

Technology and Speeders: Radar Detectors


Technology is getting superb even on the road. Now, motorists can use an electronic device to detect if the streets law enforcers are monitoring their speed.

The radar detectors such as Doppler radar-based device can help the drivers check if they were about to get ticketed for over speeding or not. These radar detectors uses superheterodyne receiver to easily capture the electromagnetic emission produced by the gun.

The law enforcers on the other hand use a special Doppler radar gun that is beamed on motorist, which then reflects their speed. These can be fixed on the patrol car or mounted on the traffic signal, or can be handy as a radar gun.

Today, GPS-based technology is embedded in some radar detectors. Some GPS enable detectors may even download the speed monitoring and traffic light cameras from the internet.

However, in some countries having a radar detector or jammer is considered illegal as the driver who owns a detector has a higher risk of road accidents. Certain illegalities may lead to confiscation of the radar detector or payment of fines, or both.

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Advantages of SharePoint Intranet

In any big organization, keeping oneself updated on things happening around is difficult —be it about some change in the company policy, arrival of new projects, so on and so forth. Hence, a centralized place where all employees in an organization can keep themselves updated is undoubtedly requisite. And this is where SharePoint Intranet plays its significant role.

SharePoint Site used for internal use by an organization is an Intranet website, with a centralized location for company policy documents, project information and data. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) for intranet hosting ensures that all employees can access the changes in policies and procedures and project work changes. SharePoint intranet software enables them to collaborate on a project, track changes to documents, and access the latest information and data. (more…)

Using Asterisk PBX for Web Conferencing

Today when organizations are distributed at various locations, getting everyone together is a bit difficult at times. For instance, in case of most of the organizations, sometimes half of the team of a company would be based somewhere in the US, and half in some other part of the world. In such cases, web conferencing is a savior! Web conferencing technology is now a mainstream medium through which individuals or groups can meet face-to-face in real time to interact.

Web conferencing technology supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, whiteboard, chat, voice using Asterisk PBX, and desktops.

Web Conferencing features include the following:

Asterisk based web conferencing allows instantaneous conference calling where the user can select any group of contacts, or any e-mail or calendar appointment and automatically initiate a conference call to all the recipients
• Web conferencing allows to join the Asterisk VOIP based voice conference from within the client using a built-in SIP phone
• Hosted Asterisk based web conferencing allows chat with other users including private chat
• Web conferencing facilitates to view the presenter’s slides and cursor
• It helps share a video stream (webcam) with other participants
• Web conferencing also facilitates uploading of slides (PDF or any office document supported by Open Office)
• In web conferencing, the presenter can mute or eject listeners from the voice conference. In web conferencing, the presenter can share their desktop (yes, even on Linux).

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the best application hosting solutions, such as hosted VOIP PBX, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, etc., which has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

Pricing Web Advertising

If you are new to the web, chances are you may be trying to search on how to price web ads for your site. Web advertising is becoming aggressive these days and with the large exposure that they can get from the Internet, it is not surprising.

Web developers work on their site to be at the top of the rankings of search engines and achieving that alone is a milestone. While you may not know the impact it may have, you will certainly receive offers one by one when the time comes that it is really taking notice.