FireFox 3.5 Almost

firefox35The popular web browser from Mozilla is almost close to a full release pending the resolution of problems that have surfaced during the release of the current release candidate. Release candidates can be seen as prototypes that may look much like the final release version in many ways but is more for diagnostic and beta-testing purposes. Some versions once installed can be upgraded online through the internet where the full-blown release will be available, changing parts of the program that were changed during final release. There have been quite a lot of bugs that have surfaced which may push back the release date a bit, scheduled for early June. (more…)

SharePoint 2010 Multi-lingual User Interface

Multi-lingual User Interface—the name says it all! Isn’t it? Yes, SharePoint Server 2010 has introduced the Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI), which is available with every type of site—even the SharePoint Server Central Administration site. The Multi-lingual User Interface should not be considered as a translating tool, instead it is tool that allows users to select a display language for a site and then display the Site title and description, SharePoint out-of-the-box menus and actions, Out-of-the-box columns, Custom columns (list or site), Navigation bar links, and Managed Metadata services in different languages.

In order to use the Multi-lingual User Interface, you should install the language pack on your server. After you install the necessary language packs you will have the option to enable the multilingual user interface on a per site basis using site settings. Once you enable alternate languages, users will see a language picker control in the top right of the page where they can switch the site to the language of their choice. Even SharePoint Foundation 2010 enjoys this feature.

Below given parts of the SharePoint user interface are actually impacted by the Multi-lingual User Interface:
* All the standard SharePoint user interface elements are translated
* Navigation menu’s also support multilingual scenario’s with the MUI – if you switch your language and translate specific menu nodes in your navigation – these changes are language specific
* The headings for list columns
* The managed metadata field type also supports multilingual scenarios.
Note that the English language is used for the following out-of-the-box labels: Site Actions, Browse, Page, Home, Libraries, Lists, Discussions, Recycle Bin, All Site Content.

Take advantage of SharePoint Multi-lingual Interface and other features included in SharePoint family of products including Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation, and associated free SharePoint templates and web parts.

Video Revolution will Need Faster Internet Connections

One thing we have noticed in the past years is that media has been offered aggressively towards demanding people who want to get them first hand on the web. Sites such as Youtube and Metaface have taken on the challenge but if you will notice, they are not as fine as we would see on normal TV broadcasts.

Internet connection is the main reason for these choppy connections and with bigger data needed to allow people to see them, expect upgrades in providing faster and reliable connection on the web in the coming years. With that in mind, expect as well new media to be served on the web.

So as you can see, it is a cat and mouse thing. Improve your service to open new gateways for innovation. That’s just how it works.

Online Purchases — Part II


Some are just joining the bandwagon in using online purchasing. And since they want to join the fad, they tend to forget the other conditions like shipping information, other taxes, and so on. If this is the scenario, before trying to purchase it in the web, at least have the patience to review the terms and conditions. In this way, you are not only aware with the procedures but also the online store rules that you might use later on. Online Purchasing is a journey, so be sure to enjoy every step that you make to ensure that this has become your user friendly site. 

Click jacking on the Rise

clickjackingClick jacking or hijacking in real terms is the process by which hackers take control of your computer without you even knowing about it, and everything it sees as valuable information is recorded for sending back to their makers for use. may it be through re-direction to legitimate websites that have themselves been infiltrated or some other process, these malware turns your computer and you as the unsuspecting accomplice. You may not notice anything wrong till you get hefty bills and other stuff that you have no idea of and may even get a hefty credit card bill from a purchase done using your information over the internet. (more…)


There are so many addictive websites that a person can waste their time on but only a few actually stands out. would be one of them. This website, though seemingly nonsensical, can surprisingly be profound. Aptly described, brotip is like fortune cookies for bros.  Like many bro adventures, this all started because of a girl. One guy failing to score big with a lady, guy ranting about it online and one Dominique Barfield calling him out and saying “Brotip #1: There’s a 99% chance that you’re awesome. Act like it.” After some hours, the line was repeated all over social media sites. That’s when they realized there’s something special there – so the team of bros were made and a website was formed. It’s now filled with clever life advice for modern men. (Ladies, you all can learn tips here too)

Brotips is now more than just a website and fan page on Facebook and Twitter. It has signed up with International Creative Management, which will be giving them possible book and TV deals. Bro-tip on a shirt is also happening, cause you definitely want to remind yourself of your awesome potential in a form of an apparel!

Things you Can do on the Internet

If you happen to be new on the Internet then you have just made a wise choice. The Internet provides a wide array of possibilities such as gathering advanced information, meeting new people, enhancing communication with anyone from anywhere and also making money with all the right resources.

Much of these will be learned along your journey in cyberspace and to implant them all on your very first day may prove to be tiring. Take it one step at a time and read on the web and see what you can do. A simple search using search giants Google and Yahoo will definitely put you on the right track.

Even the Site Administrators Need to Have Purpose

As far as web development is concerned, you have to determine and set your purpose for putting up your own site to administer. One of the greatest advancements in the technology was made when the concept of internet came into being.

With the advent of internet almost everything in this world changed. Further internet has brought several changes in the way people carry out their business. Internet has changed almost everything. It changed the way people used their computers and it has become so widespread that it is present in almost each and every home. Internet facilitated the human race with lot of things.

California DMV on YouTube


The California Department of Motor Vehicles has its own YouTube account. As of today, it has already uploaded 55 videos that feature tips, traffic trivia, and other advices that will help educate drivers of all ages about good (and not to mention legal) driving skills and etiquette.

And by the way, they also have a myspace account where visitors can post questions regarding traffic rules and stuff.

Hmm… not a bad idea! I think this is a pretty unconventional yet promising way to improve public service. To tell you the truth, I’d rather watch DMV videos than a toilet-flushing cat.

Source: The New York Times

The Wonder of Search Engines


There are billions of web pages online today, you could spend your whole life following links from one page to the next. Amazing isn’t it? But what if you’re looking for something?
Searching the Internet requires skill, and you will need to practice that first hand. Hands-on. Luckily, many developers v created online resources that could aid us in finding that rare book or article or plainly evreything you might think of. Search engines helps us in hunting and searching. These are super computers and are a very efficient tool for searching. But to be able to maximize their capabuilities, you have to understand how and why they work the way they do. The most basic thing you have to know is that they are broken down into two types. The Directories and Indexes.